Why Andante?


Quality Assured

At Andante, our mission is to make drumming easier, more comfortable and more robust for the modern player.

In order to achieve our goals and realise our mission, we design and manufacture all our drums with the following specification in mind.

Andante aims:

  • To make a drum as light as possible with the maximum strength and durability.
  • To ensure a solid sharp cracking pitch with a highly responsive snare action both Top and Bottom.
  • To make it easy to tune.
  • To cut down product maintenance.
  • To make the Top and bottom Snares easy to fit. Without having to release the tension of the head.
  • To ensure that all screws are flush fitting to give the instrument an attractive streamline appearance and to avoid damage to attire.
  • To make all products compatible with 5mm T-key for all tuning maintenance adjustments.
  • To accessorise all products with a bespoke handle or hook to make our drums easy to lift and transport.

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